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Vacant Staging

81% of buyers said it was easier to visualize a staged property as their next home

A potential buyer will look at your space and ask…”what can I do here?”, “what would I put here?” and a thoughtfully staged home helps answer those questions by showing them beautiful possibilities.

Its why professionally staged homes spent 72% less time on the market and 50% sold for 10% more than their unstaged neighbors.

A little about our process

  • Initial Consultation – A Room Sense Staging and Design consultant will meet with the home sellers and real estate agent, go over the process, the budget and review the home.  During this time, we will be taking photos and measurements and will brainstorm about furniture pieces, accessories and details needed to complete the home.  From there, we will create a plan and submit a proposal to you on the same day.

  • Furniture Planning – Our team will curate the best furniture and décor to stage your home and get it sold!

  • Moving Day – A Room Sense Staging and Design consultant and assistants will meet the furniture movers at the home and direct where all pieces should go.  The consultant will also bring additional accessories, such as bed linens, wall coverings, plants, trees, table décor, pillows, throws, and other decorative items.  The staging process can take from one to two days, depending on the amount of rooms we are staging and the square footage of your home.

  • Sold!  Once your home is sold and escrow is almost closed, we will schedule a date to remove the furniture and leave behind a clean and ready to live in home.

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